"Simplicity in its design and concept, the LEE100 Holder ensures that you are now in even more control of your photography. Full marks from me!” - Mark Gilligan, www.wastwaterphotography.co.uk

"For me, the best thing about the new LEE100 Holder is the new polariser connection. It's so much easier and quicker to put the polariser on and to take it off and, once it's on, I feel there’s no danger of it falling off accidentally." - Rachael Talibart, www.rachaeltalibart.com

"The new sleek and enhanced LEE100 system is certainly a neat upgrade. The ability to lock the holder into position is hugely beneficial and offers added security also. The new system is a welcome and justifiable upgrade." - Ross Hoddinott, www.rosshoddinott.co.uk

"The design is light, yet sturdy, and the intuitive locking system gives me confidence and peace of mind when using my filters in all situations. The LEE100 integrates seamlessly into my workflow, enhancing my experience and enjoyment of shooting landscape images." - Andrew Marr, andrewmarr.com.au

"I've had a decent amount of time with the LEE100 holder and I love everything about it. It makes life so much easier in such a simple way." - Antony Spencer, www.antonyspencer.com

"LEE have many a number of subtle improvements which add up to a big overall upgrade: it’s lighter, more robust, you can lock it in position if you want to and changing the number of filter slots is simplicity itself." - Mark Bauer, www.markbauerphotography.com

Videos featuring the LEE100 Holder

The new LEE100 Holder has also been tested in the field in these videos, to capture some amazing images, by popular Landscape Photographers Thomas Heaton and Brendan van Son:


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